11 Most Obvious Signs that Reveal if He’s Just Using You

#6 Doesn’t invite you out. Do you know his group of friends? Have you ever seen them? If he doesn’t introduce you to his friends, that’s not a good sign. Think about it, when you really like a guy, you introduce them to your friends for approval. Same goes with guys. They want to show their new girlfriend off and get the “okay” from the guys.

If he never invites you out, he doesn’t want you to be introduced to his friends. Why? Because you’re just for sex and he’s just using you. Nothing more.

#7 Doesn’t kiss you outside the bedroom. Of course, he kisses you romantically and sensually when you two are in the bedroom. However, what happens when the lights are turned on and you’re in public? Does he kiss you sweetly on the cheek? Show any form of affection? No?

If he won’t touch or kiss you in public, it’s because he doesn’t want to appear as if he’s taken. He wants to look single. Why? So he can still get other girls. Unless he doesn’t like PDA; however, I would be leery of that excuse.

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