11 Most Obvious Signs that Reveal if He’s Just Using You

#8 Doesn’t talk about anything personal. Does he know what you’re taking in school? Does he know your favorite color is magenta? Probably not. Because he doesn’t care. He doesn’t need to know this information, I mean, what for? You guys are just sleeping together. Personal information is useless in the bedroom unless it’s sexually related. If he doesn’t want to get to know you, he’s not interested in being with you.

#9 He never pays. Okay, the guy doesn’t have to pay for everything. Usually though when a guy is interested in you, they’ll treat you to a movie or dinner. I know, you pay for your own food, I get that, but if he’s always making you pay, something’s definitely wrong there.

People who double-dutch everything are friends. Strictly friends. But in this case, he got off lucky—he doesn’t have to pay for anything and he still gets booty. He’s just using you and he gets a pretty good deal at the same time, eh?

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