11 Most Obvious Signs that Reveal if He’s Just Using You

#10 He’s always on his phone. When you’re with him and he’s running off to get his incoming call or answer texts, that’s a big sign you’re not the only one. If he’s interested in you, he’d put his phone away and spend the time with you. Instead, he’s busy arranging his next booty call, which isn’t cool. Also, if he’s always on his phone, this just shows how much he respects you—which isn’t much.

#11 You have the gut feeling. Ladies, you already know. I can show you all the signs, and you can pick and analyze through it but in your gut, you know the truth. You know what your relationship status is and you know exactly what he wants. You may really like him, but the feeling isn’t mutual.

Letting go of something is hard, and I know from experience, letting go of someone who isn’t treating you right is surprisingly harder. But while you’re wasting your time on him, you’re missing out on a great guy.

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Accepting the fact the guy you like is using you is hard. It hurts your feelings and ego. Once you see he’s just using you, you’ll be able to end the relationship and find someone who wants to get to know you. You know you can do better, girl!


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