11 Truly Corny Signs You Are Made for Each Other

#6 The photographic tendency. Not all of us possess a photographic memory, and yet, when we are irrevocably in love with someone, we tend to remember every single detail. You will notice if they said an expression that they have never used before, or when they start to change the way they say and react to things. It might be corny, but you remember what they wore on a particular event that you guys went to or what you did that one Saturday night, even if it happened years ago.

#7 Arguments are normal, and so are disagreements. There is a certain kind of relationship wherein you can say that you hate your partner so much and yet you still love them without the feeling of resentment or wanting to break up. It is in knowing that disagreements are nothing out of the ordinary and in believing that these are challenges that will nurture the relationship, and not drive you away.

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