How to Escape the Friend Zone: 13 Actions that Make You Desirable

#9 Be bold: dare to touch her. How do friends touch each other? High fives? Hugs? Every now and then, touch her in more intimate ways in increasing frequency to let her know that you want to go somewhere other than the friend zone. You know how it goes. Hold her hand at the right moments, spoon her, touch her face, and letting those touches linger for quite longer.

#10 Be straightforward: profess your feelings and intentions. In the end, it all boils down whether you let your intentions known. Sure, actions speak louder than words, but actions will always be the loudest with words. Oftentimes, getting friend zoned is the result of miscommunication, or one party failing to read the actions of another. So say it loud and clear and you may get your long-awaited break.

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The friend zone is an unpleasant place. That’s why people avoid it. Getting out is doable, but learning how to escape the friend zone is no easy task and requires considerable effort. So are you ready for that?


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