How to Get Your Boyfriend’s Attention When He’s Ignoring You

#11 Do something sweet for him. Many guys pull away if they feel like they’re not cared for. Your man could be getting a little insecure about your feelings for him and that’s why he’s ignoring you. He’s pulling away to save himself the heartache.

So instead of getting angry, do something nice for him. Reassure him of your feelings and see if that helps him pay more attention to you. It’s very possible he just wants a little something extra from you but the only way he knows to communicate that is by ignoring you.

#12 Ditch him and get a new guy. Some boyfriends can’t be taught to pay attention to their girlfriends. Now, you really shouldn’t necessarily have to teach your man to take you seriously in the first place.

Some guys, however, need a little boost. Others will never change. If your guy isn’t changing, it’s time to say goodbye. You shouldn’t have to fight for their attention.

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Knowing how to get your boyfriend’s attention is valuable for so many reasons. If he slips up a little, using these techniques can get him to focus on you and only you.


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