Small Law Firm Open Thread: Personal Injury Law

Today we resume our series of open threads about small law firms focused on different areas of practice. For background on the series, see this post.

We’ve received lots of positive feedback on the series. Here are some representatives commentsfrom the last thread, on insurance law:

54 – This is a GREAT GREAT GREAT thread – please do more. I’d be interested in seeing threads on immigration practice, real estate practice, prosecution and public defense (state/municipal, not federal – reality check here – the DOJ is not an option for 99% of attorneys).

86 – [K]eep open threads on small law like this coming! They’re informative for everyone, whether or not they are interested or not in working in such an area.

94 – This is a good thread. (I can’t believe it.) Thanks to the veterans who are providing substantive info and advice.

Our latest practice area for focus: PERSONAL INJURY LAW.
If this subject interests you, read more after the jump.


Personal injury law isn’t held in the highest esteem by all. Consider these comments on our original small-firm post:

55 – [I]f you ever have hopes of breaking (back?) into biglaw, avoid (low end) insurance defense and (low end) personal injury.

135 – Most small firms do CRAPlaw like divorces, insurance defense, consumer bankruptcy, and personal injury. That’s just a fact of life. Very few small firms do anything else. Thus, most small firms pay $50-60k for miserable work.

But is personal injury getting a bad rap? If you’re a successful PI lawyer, you can make a fortune — all while standing up for “the little guy,” by vindicating the rights of the injured. See, e.g., John Edwards; Philip Corboy (recently honored by his alma mater, Loyola – Chicago, after making a major gift).
Here’s an open thread on personal injury law. Please share information, in the comments, about PI work — what it entails, your hours, your pay, opportunities for advancement, etc. Thanks.

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