Top 10 Most Affordable Mba Programs In The United States

Funding an MBA is a struggle for many MBA applicants. But the US Business School UU. Offers strong ROI

Getting an MBA is expensive and a great cause for concern. GMAC’s Prospective Student Report for 2017 revealed that 52% of prospective MBA students are concerned about not being able to afford the cost of an MBA, and 47% are concerned about large student loans.

With the opportunities generated by an MBA, return on investment (ROI) is often used as a justification for the high price of the degree. Still, for some, the initial price tag acts as a barrier to higher business education.

However, there are many initiatives that help alleviate financial pressures. These range from a variety of scholarships offered by different business schools to innovative initiatives such as Edinburgh Business School, the Graduate School of Business at Heriot-Watt University in the UK.

For those studying abroad, organizations such as Prodigy Finance – a cross-border, peer-to-peer lending platform – offer international graduate loans.

Student Loan Hero analyzed 116 of the top US business schools to identify which programs are financially more affordable, taking into account the average debt of graduates, average starting salaries and annual tuition fees.

Renowned institutions such as UC Davis (ranked 48th in affordability) and Fox University Of Business (ranked 27th) at Temple University are among the top 50.

Here are the 10 most affordable Student Loan Hero MBA programs in the United States:

Rank Business School Average Indebtedness Percentage of graduates with debt Annual tuition and fees Average starting compensation
1 Lehigh University $0 $19,350 $86,667
2 Oklahoma City University $11,331 9 $16,230 $101,090
3 University of Texas —​ Dallas $7,132 25 $19,048 $83,000
4 Missouri University of Science and Technology $11,386 19 $15,402 $66,667
5 Oklahoma State University (Spears) $18,728 22 $12,121 $70,700
6 University of Missouri (Trulaske) $20,495 20 $14,599 $64,252
7 Florida State University $14,379 31 $18,693 $67,308
8 West Virginia University $18,608 33 $9,450 $58,488
9 Louisiana State University—​Baton Rouge (Ourso) $17,900 27 $17,800 $62,429
10 West Texas A&M $18,500 54 $9,600 $93,625
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